Maggie Adams, Songwriter

Running Scared with Reprise

©Tunecode: 124187LP
Semi-Finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest
Demo Vocals: Richard Kay


Running Scared
(with reprise)

She’s scared of living
She’s scared of dying
Outside she’s laughing
Inside she’s crying
It’s always out there
She needs no warning
She sees a Red Sky
Each and every morning

She’s Running Scared
She’s Running Scared

She never under-estimates
It’s magnitude and power
Hovering above, it tries
To wrap itself around her
Penetrating thoughts
Of desperation and despair
That Great Black Cloud
Is always there
She’s Running Scared

Scared of living
Scared of dying
When she’s laughing
Deep inside she's creing
It's out to get her
he needs no warning
She sees that Red Sky
Every single morning

She’s Running Scared
She’s Running Scared


There is no song within
Her heart 
(She’s Running Scared)
There is no glory in her soul 
(She’s Running Scared)
She has no passion or desire
No worth, no will
No self-control
The Great Black Cloud
Is always there

(She’s Running Scared)

In time
The turbulence will pass
(She’s Running Scared)
Peace and tranquility
Will reign
(She’s Running Scared)
She’ll watch the Red Sky
Fade away
Spirit rising in her soul
Her heart will brim
With song again
(She’s Running Scared)

The storm won’t last forever
She’s still running
She’ll pull herself together

I was soaking in the bath singing 'RunningScared'. When I got to the end
I kept on singing - s
o I jumped out of the bath and wrote the reprise
Seriously though, this very moving song is one of my personal favourites.